1. Looking At Topping And Why It Should Be Avoided Part 2

    Many homeowners like to take care of their own tree trimming to save money. While professional tree services are recommended, especially when you aren’t 100 percent confident in your abilities, we understand the value of rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done yourself. Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to provide Maryland clients with the best services in the industry. We want to pr…Read More

  2. Looking At Topping And Why It Should Be Avoided Part 1

    The act of topping, also known as hat-racking or tipping, is a process that aims to shorten the height of a tree by cutting down the entire top. While certified arborists have provided proof of the negatives surrounding tree topping, many Americans are still guilty of the practice. Additionally, many tree trimming experts still complete this task, whether through ignorance or laziness. It’s impo…Read More

  3. The Value Of Our 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services

    As the summer season progresses, our Maryland weather is sure to become more extreme. From high winds to heavy hail, the threat of inclement weather is higher than usual. While our certified arborists are able to offer the highest-quality services, they cannot guarantee results in the event of a heavy storm. Patrick Musser Tree Service is here to provide quality tree services to Montgomery County …Read More

  4. Interesting Tree Facts With Your Tree Service Professionals Part 2

    Our planet holds a vast supply of treasures and miracles. Anyone seeking wonder and amazement can simply step outside to observe nature in all its beauty. The trees adorning your property, for example, are fascinating organisms that are nearly unmatched in individuality and value. As Montgomery County’s tree service experts, we like to think of ourselves as fanatics of sorts. Patrick Musser Tree…Read More

  5. Interesting Tree Facts With Your Tree Service Professionals Part 1

    As summer begins to rear its sunny head, many people are excited to run outdoors and enjoy the weather. While the great outdoors are ideal for sunshine fresh air, one aspect people rarely think about consists of the trees surrounding them. Being aesthetically pleasing and providing shade from the hotter temperatures are just a couple of the amazing things that trees do. As one of Maryland’s top …Read More

  6. Landscaping Tips From Your Tree Service Company Part 2

    Springtime is ideal for shrugging off the dreary winter weather and getting to work on your home’s landscaping. While the home improvement stores are stocked full of eager homeowners that are ready to beautify their property, it’s important to note that not everyone will be happy with their landscaping results. As a provider of quality lot clearings and professional tree services, Patrick Muss…Read More

  7. Landscaping Tips From Your Tree Service Company Part 1

    As the winter chill starts to abate and the days lengthen, many Maryland residents are gearing up for the spring season. For some homeowners, this includes a landscaping makeover for their property. Creating your own sanctuary within the boundaries of your own home can bring numerous benefits throughout the year. As your tree removal specialists, we’re experienced in lot clearing and landscaping…Read More

  8. A Look At Tree Dormancy With Your Tree Service Experts

    The holidays are over, but the cold weather is still in full force. For many people, the frigid temperatures cause a number of hazards for both health and safety. However, residents tend to put little thought into the trees that adorn their properties. While bears and squirrels tend to hibernate during these chilled temperatures, your trees undergo a similar activity for their own health and safet…Read More

  9. Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Your Land Clearing

    When it comes to the lot clearing of your property, there are plenty of reasons behind hiring on the professionals for help. From simple cleanup procedures to complete land clearing services, we do it all! Patrick Musser Tree Service has specialized in Montgomery County land clearings for years, and we’ve seen it all. Our certified arborists are ready to offer the best options for ridding your p…Read More

  10. Problems That May Affect Your Montgomery County Trees Part 2

    Maryland residents have a long-held pride for their homes and yards. Because of this, Patrick Musser Tree Service has been providing Montgomery County with professional tree services for years. The health of your trees is vital for maintaining a happy, healthy landscape. Our last blog focused on a few factors that damage Maryland trees and how we can help to correct those damages. Our certified ar…Read More