Have you and your family been staring at the same, old tree stump in the middle of your otherwise healthy lawn for years now? Get it removed! Tree stump removal is the last step in the tree removal process, and many homeowners opt to leave the stump behind, allowing it to decay away naturally rather than pay the cost of removal. In the meantime, that tree stump isn’t doing anything for the curb appeal, safety, or health of your property. If you’re considering getting a tree stump removed from your property, review these reasons supporting the idea. For additional reasons why tree stump removal is important, see part 2 of our list of stump removal benefits.

  1. Curb Appeal

Tree stumps are generally unattractive, and they disrupt the continuity of your landscaping design. Some homeowners decorate old stumps, but not only is this a temporary solution, it is also one that can be costly. That money may as well go to the removal of the stump and a permanent solution to the problem.

  1. Satety

Tree stumps are hazards. Children who aren’t looking ahead could trip and fall, as could an elderly family member or guest. Injury to the people you care about is not the only safety concern. Tree stumps can cause damage to lawn mowers if hit by accident, and decaying root systems can cause soft spots in your lawn, which are yet another tripping hazard.   

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