When getting dead or damaged trees removed from their properties, many homeowners opt not to pay the extra cost of stump removal, which is often not included with the standard tree removal service. That tree stump in the middle of your otherwise healthy lawn might seem like a harmless eyesore, but a stump can be detrimental to the curb appeal, safety, and health of your lawn. If you’re considering taking this final tree removal step, review some reasons why tree stump removal is a good idea, so that you can feel confident in your decision to invest in a healthier property. For more reasons why tree stump removal is important, see part 1 of our list of benefits.

  1. Regrowth

Allowing a tree stump to remain in your lawn can cause the regrowth of many smaller trees in the vicinity. Not only are these unplanned trees unsightly, but they can interfere with other root systems supporting your current landscaping and garden design. These new sprouts can be extremely tricky to get rid of, sometimes requiring the use of chemicals to ensure that they do not grow back again.

  1. Insects

Decaying wood is the ideal habitat for termites, and an infestation in your tree stump could lead to an infestation in your house’s main structure. You don’t want these destructive critters anywhere near your home! The stump can also attract beetles, ants, and other pests.

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