Most trees will benefit from an annual visit from our Adamstown tree service, and in general, the best time to trim your trees is in their dormant seasons–either early spring or late fall. This will allow them to come back stronger than ever in the spring. However, when it comes to damaged, broken, or dead tree limbs, the time to have them removed is right now. This is especially important to have done before the snow starts to fly here in Maryland, as those damaged or dead limbs could cause major trouble as the weight of the snow settles on them. You could experience:

  • Limbs damaging your property. As heavy snow blankets trees in the winter, damaged limbs are highly susceptible to breaking off and falling from the tree. Sometimes these branches are large, and as then come down they may damage your home, car, or other parts of your property. This can result in huge repair bills.
  • Dead trees in the spring. Broken limbs, if not taken care of correctly, could cause more damage to your tree as they come off of your trees. This could leave your trees susceptible to disease, and it could even end up killing your tree entirely. It will cost you more to have your dead tree removed than it will to have a dead or damaged tree limb removed.

Make sure your trees are ready for winter! If you see dead, damaged, or broken limbs in your trees, give our Adamstown tree service a call. We’ll come out to your home and remove dangerous limbs so you are ready for a worry-free winter. Call us for an appointment today!