This blizzard was one for the books. We are making the national news and it feels like we will never recover. However, at Patrick Musser Tree Service, we are doing everything we can to stay positive and with our land clearing services in Montgomery County, our clients know that come spring, their property will be on its way to looking beautiful again.

Winters in Maryland are difficult on your trees and your property as it is. However, with the record-breaking snowfall and winds that we have been experiencing, you could be looking at serious damage to your trees, property, and home. Whether you are worried about your trees breaking under the pressure, or you need dangerous tree or limb removal services, we can help right away so that you and your home or property stay as safe as possible.

For our commercial clients, it is absolutely essential that you ensure your property is safe from storm damage. One accident could mean an enormous lawsuit that you just can’t afford. Contact us now for our land clearing and storm damage recovery services, and rest assured that your clients and your employees are safe on your grounds.

At Patrick Musser Tree Service, we are committed to you from start to finish. Our technicians are highly trained and stick to the best practices because safety is our priority. This means we are passionate about providing quality, safe, affordable, and efficient tree and lot clearing services that will help you recover and stay safe throughout this winter storm. Contact us today for a free quote!