061106 013When you call our Montgomery Country tree service, you’ll be getting a comprehensive service that you can depend on. One of the things that we make a point to do for our tree service customers is to remove the deadwood on their lots. All too often, though, we visit a home where the owners have previously handled their own tree trimming and decided to leave the deadwood on the property or neglected to remove it from the tree at all. This can be a big mistake, not only to the visual appeal of your property but also to your safety. Here are three reasons you should always remove deadwood.

It’s Time to Get Rid of That Deadwood

It’s a fire hazard.

Because the wood is no longer a part of the tree and getting moisture from the tree’s system, branches that have been removed or died will become very dry very quickly. That can increase the fire hazard on your property, as deadwood can catch on fire and burn easily. This is especially troubling if the deadwood is near your home because the fire could easily spread to your house.

It’s an invitation to pests.

Deadwood, whether it’s in your trees or you’ve stacked it up on the ground, is a favorite home for many pests. It can provide food for pests such as termites, which could then gain access to your home. Any pest invasion can be expensive, though, so eliminating anything in your yard that might lure them there should be removed right away.

It can lower the value of your home.

Deadwood isn’t attractive. It could also signal to potential buyers that your property hasn’t been well cared for in the past. That means just the presence of deadwood in your trees and on your property could lower its value and make it harder to sell. If you hope to sell your property sometime in the future, you need to ensure your trees are properly maintained to get the most money out of the sale.

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