The holidays are over, but the cold weather is still in full force. For many people, the frigid temperatures cause a number of hazards for both health and safety. However, residents tend to put little thought into the trees that adorn their properties. While bears and squirrels tend to hibernate during these chilled temperatures, your trees undergo a similar activity for their own health and safety. As Montgomery County’s tree service experts, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at trees and studying their dormancy period. Patrick Musser Tree Services employs the most highly certified arborists in the field, covering a full range of duties ranging from tree trimming to emergency tree removals. Today, we’ll look at the science behind dormancy and how its process helps to keep your trees happy and healthy year in and year out.

What Is It?

Dormancy is the plant life equivalent of hibernation. Every part of the tree in your yard will begin to shut down or slow down, reducing the metabolic need for sustenance while protecting from frost and other winter hazards. The leaves on each branch require energy to maintain and grow. During the colder months, less comfortable temperatures and less daylight lend to inferior conditions for a tree to thrive in. Thus, dormancy takes place to keep plantlife alive and protected from the elements.

How Does Dormancy Work?

Once the cold sets in, deciduous trees will release a chemical called abscisic acid (ABA). Released where the stem connects to the leaf, ABA will signal to the leaves that it is time to break off, signaling what we perceive as the fall color changes. Although bare trees may appear unhealthy or brittle, the fact is that they are simply cutting out unnecessary functions to preserve energy. This handy chemical is actually just as handy within the tree as it is on the branches.

ABA also works to suspend growth within the tree itself by signaling the cells to stop the dividing process. This is a dual-edged sword for the health of your tree, where the slowed growth leads to less demand for energy while tactically rationing the energy for essential functions only.

Is Winter A Good Time For Professional Tree Services?

Yes! When the branches are bare, our experts can view and diagnose any possible issue with your trees. Winter provides a sturdy ground and clear view for any tree services that are needed. The earlier this is done in the winter season, the better. Our tree trimming service can work to clear out dying materials while preventing issues with snow and ice buildup. For us, winter is an ideal time to get your tree taken care of!

Patrick Musser strives to provide Montgomery County with the best tree services available. All of our employees are trained and knowledgeable to provide the best possible solutions for your plant life. We also provide professional lot clearing and stump removals to beautify your property during the cold months. If you’re in need of tree services, feel free to contact us today!