Mulching your property is a great way to foster better moisture retention while offering insulation against weather changes. When a tree is not planted to the proper depth, serious issues can develop around the root collar, which is the joining point between your tree’s roots and the main stem trunk of the tree. When this occurs, professional tree services are required to rectify the problem and save the tree. Otherwise, fatal problems can develop.

Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to be your team of certified arborists for Maryland homes. For years, we have served as Montgomery County’s tree service company, and we can help maintain your plantlife for a green, luscious landscape that is sure to make you smile. Today, we’ll discuss a few complications stemming from the root collar, as well as the value of our trunk and tree trimming services. When done, be sure to talk to our tree company to see what we can do to help your plantlife thrive!

Structural Concerns

As the meeting point between roots and tree body, the root collar faces logistical challenges when the tree is not planted correctly. Unlike the root system, your collar is not able to properly defend against the constant moisture in the soil. The natural process of exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide can be hampered by moisture, killing the inner bark and its ability to transfer sustenance to the root system. Over time, your tree will begin to lose its ability to uptake water, relying on a root system that is breaking down. With weakened limbs and branches, your tree may become a serious safety concern.

Girdling Problems

Girdling roots are the aftermath of a root system that is planted too deep in the soil. In many cases, this happens due to improperly planted trees from relocation services or from an overall change in the elevation that does not account for any root concerns. Girdling roots begin to grow in the exposed area, wrapping around the main stem and choking the tree. Similar to the dying of cells in the inner bark, this problem hampers the effectiveness of the plant, restricting the transportation of water and nutrients. Over time, the problems will become worse until the tree can no longer support itself.

Soil and Health Woes

Water can hamper the tree’s ability to transport nutrients, yet the close contact of your root collar to soil can result in fungal complications. Placing too much mulch on the collar can also create health problems for your plant. Trees are able to resist a variety of diseases and infections except in areas such as the root collar. It’s important to seek professional tree services when girdling problems develop, as they health risks can quickly affect the longevity of your tree!

Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to be your source for everything from tree trimming to stump removal. Our team of certified arborists are here to develop a personalized care plan for your property, delivering quality results to each of our clients. If you’re worried about your plant’s health and need Montgomery County tree services, be sure to contact us today for an appointment!