As summer begins to rear its sunny head, many people are excited to run outdoors and enjoy the weather. While the great outdoors are ideal for sunshine fresh air, one aspect people rarely think about consists of the trees surrounding them. Being aesthetically pleasing and providing shade from the hotter temperatures are just a couple of the amazing things that trees do. As one of Maryland’s top professional tree service companies, Patrick Musser Tree Service loves the science and productivity surrounding these often-underappreciated plants. We are proud to offer Montgomery County tree services that maximize quality and efficiency. From routine tree trimming services to emergency stump removals, our experienced team is here to help with every aspect of your property’s tree population. Trees are a necessary part of our ecosystem, delivering beneficial services that many people do not know about. Today, we’ll look at a few interesting tree facts and how our certified arborists can work to keep yours healthy.

Carbon In, Oxygen Out

Probably one of the most obvious benefits of trees in our habitat is their ability to convert carbon dioxide gases into human-sustaining oxygen. Studies have produced the math which states that a 30-meter-tall mature tree can absorb up to 50 pounds of carbon dioxide in a single given year. Scientists have posited that this single tree can offset the emissions of a car in its lifetime by a margin of nearly 26,000 miles. Additionally, this same tree can produce 6,000 pounds of oxygen per year! What this means is that one mature tree can produce enough fresh air to support two adults. It’s also important to note that this rate is based on the height and maturity of the trees, where older varieties are more able to absorb carbon and produce oxygen compared to their younger counterparts.

Pathfinding Assistance

Getting lost is never a fun adventure. Finding and inspecting trees can help you determine your direction in the process. Our northern trees can be useful when inspecting for moss, as moss tends to thrive in shadier places. This common practice may not always be useful in cases where moss growth varies. Another method you can utilize when in a stranded scenario is to look at the interior rings of a tree. We do not recommend cutting down trees left and right, but if you find one that has fallen, the spacing of these rings can assist in determining directions. Trees will receive a lot more sunlight on the south side (or north side if you’re below the equator!) and will, therefore, grow faster. As such, the amount of growth in a year can indicate which direction is south, as these rings will be larger.

Trees are fascinating in nature and are essential for the health of this planet and mankind as a whole. Next time, we’ll continue this blog by discussing more facts that you may not know about trees. If your property is in need of trimming or land clearing services, we are here to help! As Montgomery County’s tree service experts, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best results possible for your property. No matter what your needs are, our certified professionals are here to provide the perfect solution for every situation. Contact Patrick Musser Tree Service to learn about our quality services or to schedule your appointment today!