Our planet holds a vast supply of treasures and miracles. Anyone seeking wonder and amazement can simply step outside to observe nature in all its beauty. The trees adorning your property, for example, are fascinating organisms that are nearly unmatched in individuality and value. As Montgomery County’s tree service experts, we like to think of ourselves as fanatics of sorts. Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to provide tree trimming and maintenance services from Martinsburg to Rockville and beyond. No matter what your property needs, our certified arborists are here to help! Today, we’ll continue our blog by looking at a few more interesting tree facts, which may come in handy when you least expect it. When it comes time to call for professional tree services, be sure to reach out to Patrick Musser for help!

Nature’s Air Conditioner

Anyone looking for shelter from this Maryland heat can benefit from sitting under their neighborhood tree. While trees do provide shade to offer us a respite from the sun, it’s actually the release of moisture into the atmosphere that provides the very cool air conditioning effect. Trees transpire, which is similar to the evaporation of water from the leaves into the air. To make it more simple, the cooling of a tree is similar to the sweat on your skin. One major study found that a single tree’s cooling abilities match that of 10 room-sized air conditioners running for 20 hours per day. When you add up the number of trees in your area, the power of this plant’s cooling abilities can be a very effective measure for heat control!

Masters of Self-Defense

More and more studies are being done to better understand our leafy neighbors across the globe, and these studies are revealing more complexities than ever before. For example, trees are able to defend themselves against insects and other invasive pests. Once attacked, a tree will release phenolic compounds, or an aromatic benzene ring compound that works to smell bad as well as sour the taste of leaves. Trees can also communicate about dangers, releasing an aromatic chemical into the air or communicating via root systems to warn their fellow trees. Plants also utilize poisons, thorns, and more to defend their turf against pesky invaders.

Mastodonic Statures

Based on age and species, trees can grow to be enormous in size. California’s redwoods, for example, can easily grow to heights of more than 300 feet. The tallest tree on record, named Hyperion, was measured to stand just below 380 feet in height. For scale, this beast is nearly 75 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty! Many trees can also live (seemingly) forever, as one Swedish tree can prove. Named Old Tjikko, this 16-foot tall tree has actually been carbon dated to reveal an age of over 9,550 years old!

The facts surrounding trees are simply stunning. While your property may not hold the largest or the oldest tree, it still needs maintenance to grow and thrive for years to come. Patrick Musser Tree Service is here to help your property, from emergency tree removals to simple inspections, and more. Contact us today to get a speed quote on your project!