As the winter chill starts to abate and the days lengthen, many Maryland residents are gearing up for the spring season. For some homeowners, this includes a landscaping makeover for their property. Creating your own sanctuary within the boundaries of your own home can bring numerous benefits throughout the year. As your tree removal specialists, we’re experienced in lot clearing and landscaping renovations. Patrick Musser Tree Service is the source for your Montgomery County tree services. Our certified arborists work to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We approach every job with the same expertise and precision to provide a positive experience as well. Over the years, we’ve noticed a few common mistakes that people make when landscaping their property. Today, we’ll look at a few broad tips that can help you avoid any judgments or headaches in the future.

Grass Length

While many people believe that cutting their lawns short will help to keep it healthier, the opposite is often true. Short cuts will actually put the grass at a higher risk for contact with diseases and harmful insects. The ideal length of your lawn depends on several factors, including environmental temperature and grass type. When it’s hot outside, longer grass is recommended in order to provide shade and more surface area for absorbing vital moisture. The height will vary based on your grass type, where cool-season grasses will tend to do better at longer lengths. Maryland is known to host these cool-season types, with tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass being quite common. The professionals recommend letting your lawn grow one-third higher than the recommended length. This helps to promote healthy growth while protecting the lawn from a myriad of issues.

Mowing Conditions

How you prepare and mow your yard will have big implications on the overall results. There are plenty of tips for creating a productive mowing environment, so we’ll stick to a few of the basics:

  • Sharp mower blades. Dull blades tend to pull and tear, leaving blades open to infestations and disease. Keeping your blade sharp will help to create a healthy lawn that doesn’t hold strange colors from the blade tips dying and drying.
  • Dry mowing. This move is done for the benefit of the mower, user, and appearance of the yard. When your grass is wet, it will clump up and create a sticky mess. If any of these sticky globs land in the yard, they can actually act to stifle and kill the grass underneath.
  • Temperature control. Mowing during the hot part of the day is as bad for your lawn as it is for your motor. Mowing during the hot streak can sap your lawn of moisture and cause a much longer recovery time. Waiting for shade and for the heat to cool down will do much to help this process.

Landscaping and beautifying your yard can be an involved process. Our team offers the most professional tree services to make Maryland safe and beautiful. From tree trimming services to stump removals, we do it all. Our Montgomery County tree services can help to keep your property looking neat and clean. Next time, we’ll look at a few more tips that can help you in your landscaping work. If you’re in need of professional tree services, you can contact us to learn more. At Patrick Musser Tree Service, we want the grass to be greener on your side!