Springtime is ideal for shrugging off the dreary winter weather and getting to work on your home’s landscaping. While the home improvement stores are stocked full of eager homeowners that are ready to beautify their property, it’s important to note that not everyone will be happy with their landscaping results. As a provider of quality lot clearings and professional tree services, Patrick Musser Tree Service has seen plenty of mishaps over the years. We are proud to be Montgomery County’s go-to tree service company for years, and we’re ready to help improve your home’s exterior. From stump grinding to tree trimming, our certified arborists do it all! In our last blog, we looked at a few tips that can prove beneficial for your home’s landscaping. Today, we’ll continue this endeavor by discussing a few basics that can help your property to retain its natural beauty, from the health of your lawn to the trees surrounding your property. When it comes to your home’s trees, our professionals are ready to help!

Seasonal Feeding

Even if you are adamant about watering and cutting your lawn, chances are that it still is in need of some sustenance. Most lawn care experts recommend at least two fertilization processes a year, once in the spring and once more in the fall, to give your lawn all of the nutrients that it needs to thrive. The fertilizer you utilize should provide all of these nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, copper, iron, and sulfur. One concern that comes with long-term watering and fertilizing is that the pH level will drop, making your lawn more acidic. If this becomes a concern, a proper pH test can help you to plan the best approach for proper grass balance and health.

Proper Watering

Your lawn typically requires between one and one and a half inches of water every week to retain its healthy appearance. The key to extending the roots of your grass and maximizing its moisture uptake is to water it once a week, but thoroughly. It’s also important to take the type of soil beneath your lawn into account. Clays are more fatty and hold moisture much longer than sand and silt and therefore will need to be watered less often.

Hiring A Professional Tree Service

After the winter passes, many trees are emerging from their dormant state to begin metabolizing and growing once more. This is an important time to check your trees to ensure that no damages occurred over the colder seasons. Contacting our tree trimming experts can help to prepare your property for a long and healthy summer. Taking the proper actions to keep your trees healthy can help to extend their lifespan and to prevent possibly hazardous situations in the future.

Patrick Musser Tree Service is here to help Maryland residents with the highest quality and most affordable work. We are your source for Montgomery County’s best tree services. Taking care of your lawn is important for retaining the exterior beauty of your home or business. Our team will work hard to improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. Contact us today for a speedy quote!