Many homeowners like to take care of their own tree trimming to save money. While professional tree services are recommended, especially when you aren’t 100 percent confident in your abilities, we understand the value of rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done yourself. Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to provide Maryland clients with the best services in the industry. We want to provide you with green, vibrant landscapes that are both beautiful and cost-effective. As MonPMtree_ Today, we’ll continue to look into the dangers of tree topping or hat-racking and why you should avoid it at all costs.

It Damages Healthy Trees

Your trees rely on a balance between its roots and crown to supply food and necessary nutrients in order to grow and maintain optimal health levels. When you take off the top of a tree, the tree may not be able to feed itself. With the fear of starvation, your tree will sprout out and go overboard to save itself. The stub itself will have a difficult time healing and may become a haven for rot, disease, and insect infestation. Once an insect population gets in, the chances of the tree being able to defend itself diminish dramatically. When you factor in the lack of nutrition, the stage is set for a very dicey life for the poor tree that has been topped.

Ruining Aesthetic Qualities

Lopping the top of your tree can result in a myriad of visual issues as well as severely harming the organism. The end result of this unethical practice results in branches that are bare, and a mess of cuts that greatly diminish the aesthetic value. Your naturally formed plant will now sprout out at strange angles and directions, hampering the normal development and look that trees naturally have.

Tree topping can even damage a home’s value! In addition to the unsightly result and years of misshapen growth, tree topping also saps much of the shade that your tree offers. The full result of less shade on the property can lead to issues such as higher cooling costs, less vibrant lawns, and more. The end result of hat-racking simply makes the practice not worth it!

Increasing Maintenance Needs

All of the health and structural concerns surrounding your topped tree will result in the need for much more maintenance in order to keep it healthy and safe. Hat-racking causes rapid growth, which creates a flux of new branches sprouting in every direction. These new limbs will be weaker and less able to stand up to stormy weather. The risk of invasive pests and diseases also work to sap the health of the tree. When these factors combine, the tree will require a high-maintenance plan that will far exceed any convenience attributed to tree topping. If the proper steps aren’t taken, tree death may be possible!

Proper tree trimming services ensure that your trees are happy and healthy for the long haul. As Montgomery County’s tree service experts, Patrick Musser is able to offer professional guidance and work to create a vibrant landscape for your family. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment!