As a Top Rated Local® Montgomery County tree service company, we have seen it all. As an ISA certified arborist, Patrick Musser Tree Service has the expertise to diagnose and treat a myriad of Maryland pests and environmental offenders. Utilizing our professional tree services can benefit homeowners in all capacities, ranging from treating sick trees to full tree removals. Today’s blog will focus on a few problems and how people can spot them.

Invasive Species

A number of pests, namely the Ambrosia Beetle, have slowly infiltrated the continental United States. These beetles invaded through South Carolina from Asia and have been proven to attack a large number of tree species. The fatal aspect of this species is that it actually preys on healthy plants, whereas other members of the scolytidae family (bark-boring beetles) only attack damaged or sick plantlife. Sadly, heavily infested trees and other plants are untreatable and deemed lost.

Other pests, such as newly arriving stink bugs, also feed upon many types of Maryland trees. While not as fatal as the Ambrosia Beetle, these invaders are prolific and considered a nuisance. If a new neighbor has infiltrated your property, we can help to evict them!


Tree Damage

Since 1950, there have been 101 hurricanes to hit the state of Maryland. A very common consequence of tropical storms and hurricanes is extensive damage to trees and shrubs. A typical hurricane can bring wind speeds over 125mph and excess moisture, both of which often lead to tree mortality. Often times, emergency tree removal is required to safely minimize the damage to properties and homes. Outside of the obvious exterior limb damages that hurricanes can wreak, interior weakening can occur and create unseen hazards. For instances of less damage, contacting a certified arborist is a prudent maneuver, since they can inspect and possibly save the tree in question. If you’re in doubt about the state of your timber, you can call our professional tree service 24/7!


Incorrect Pruning

Improper tree trimming can have dire consequences when it comes to health of your trees. The causes of harmful tree pruning range widely, whether it is derived from amateur efforts or utility clearance reasons. Harsh cutting and improper techniques are common reasons that trees take on unhealthy, unsightly appearances. Often times, people simply hat-rack the tree in question. Also known as tree topping, this method involves cutting the whole top section of the tree off. Professional tree trimmers understand that this technique leads to a structurally unsound regrowth of the tree top. The remaining branches are too small to be the terminal leader, equating to an unsafe, unhealthy plant. Ultimately, ordering a quality tree trimming service is well worth it!

From burly bugs to overzealous landscapers, trees take a lot of damage from their environment. When this happens, Maryland citizens can call their Montgomery County tree service extraordinaires. Patrick Musser Tree Service is a top-notch company that holds a vast amount of experience in tree removal, stump grinding, and so on. If you’re worried about the state of your timber, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation!