Maryland residents have a long-held pride for their homes and yards. Because of this, Patrick Musser Tree Service has been providing Montgomery County with professional tree services for years. The health of your trees is vital for maintaining a happy, healthy landscape. Our last blog focused on a few factors that damage Maryland trees and how we can help to correct those damages. Our certified arborists are trained and experienced in the field, professionally assisting customers with a plethora of services, from tree trimming to emergency tree removal. Patrick Musser strives to deliver the best results on a regular basis. With such a focus on quality, you’ll surely be impressed by our work!

Today, we’ll cover one affliction that may be pestering the trees inhabiting your property. Time is relevant, so hopefully this blog gives some insight into your trees’ health!

Winter Effects

If you’ve ever seen younger trees sporting fashionable coverings, it’s for more than looking stylish. Many trees are susceptible to winter damages, and contrary to popular belief, the freezing temperatures are often not the cause of trauma. The depth of winter factors that can damage your trees is large enough to constitute a dozen blogs, so we’ll keep it short and posit that temperature fluctuations are actually one of the biggest culprits of tree damage. Acclamation is vital for maintaining a healthy tree, meaning that sudden cold spells or irregular freezes can cause extensive damage. Often, tree removal is the end result if the proper precautions are not taken. Based on the species, your tree can experience a number of different ailments, from frost cracks to sunscald.


Root Trauma

Unlike the exterior sections of your tree, the roots beneath are much less able to acclimate to the winter temperatures. In fact, if the surrounding soils fall much below freezing, the results can be undesirable. Fortunately, most plants are safe due to the insulation provided by soil, mulch, and so on. However, if the roots of your tree do freeze, the effects will be obvious in the spring once the growth stage begins again. Without healthy roots, the entire structure is at risk for failure, which can lead to unwanted emergency tree removal services.

Burdensome Weight

As many Montgomery County residents know, the heavy accumulation of ice and snow can make for a very heavy load for branches to bear. Typically, our tree trimming service includes inspecting any compromised branches that need to be corrected or trimmed before the snow starts to accumulate. The dense weight of these cold materials can cause branch failure, injuring the tree and causing risks for the people and property below.

Additionally, improper removal of snow and ice can be equally damaging to your trees and plants. If H2O is causing a ruckus on your property, we would recommend calling a professional tree company right away!
Montgomery County tree services often involve winter-related issues or maintenance. Next week, we’ll look into a few more elements that can afflict the trees on your property. If you’re in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment!