As the warm season comes into full swing, homeowners everywhere are looking outward toward their landscaping for improvements and maintenance to keep their lawns happy and healthy. If you happen to have trees on your property, you’re more than likely aware of tree trimming services and their benefits. Tree pruning is a safe and effective way to keep your tree safe from structural concerns in addition to concerns such as disease. While tree trimming can be a DIY endeavor, it’s important to do your research and proceed carefully for an optimal result. Simply grabbing a saw and going to town is not recommended! Patrick Musser Tree Service is comprised of certified arborists that are dedicated to helping Maryland residents find healthful outcomes for their landscapes. We are Montgomery County’s trusted tree service experts, and our team is here and ready to enhance the health of your plantlife.

Tree pruning can be very beneficial when done correctly. Before you begin cutting away, be sure to catch up on a few tips from our experts. If you’re looking for professional tree services that are sure to be the best in the industry, reach out to the Patrick Musser team!

The Goals of Proper Trimming

It can be hard to find the motivation to go out and prune your trees if you’re unsure as to why you’re doing it in the first place. Arboriculture is very complex, making it essential for DIYers and professionals alike to do their research and plan ahead. When done correctly, tree trimming can provide a range of benefits to your tree, removing unhealthy shoots and branches in a way that promotes optimal strength and health. Taking care of your trees will help to keep your property shaded, beautiful, and safe for guests and inhabitants. It also helps to control growth, size, blossom rates. The process of tree pruning requires skill and patience to complete the proper way, creating long-term advantages for you and your plants.

Before You Start: Tree Identification

Different tree trimming techniques are offered for different types of trees, plan and simple. Unless you hire a tree service company to get the job done right, it will fall on you to learn more about your trees to see what technique will offer the best results. A few things to look for include:

  • Growth response. Different plants will respond in different ways when pruned, making it important to learn about your tree before getting to work. Learning your plant type can help to create a plan that caters to its unique growth rates and patterns, producing a beautiful outcome for your property.
  • Tree type. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall while evergreen trees and shrubs retain their green all year long. The former should be pruned in the later season once the leaves have fallen off, while the latter best benefits from pruning just before the spring growth. If you have both on your property, our certified arborists can help to develop a care plan!
  • Hardiness. Different zones have been designated across the country to measure suitability for plants in term of annual temperature extremes. Planting in accordance to this chart can help you to create a landscape that is full of trees and plants fit for the area. Planting trees well outside their hardiness zone can result in unfavorable results.

Researching your tree types can help you to create a more personalized approach for your property that provides support and guidance. When it is time to begin pruning, remember that precision and consistency are valuable in preventing future harm to your tree.

Proper Cutting Techniques

Trimming your tree properly relies on precise angles that promote the best healing afterwards. Cutting outward and away from the branch collar can also result in unstable growth in the future. Our tree trimming company relies on proven techniques that all work in tandem to both protect and enhance your tree. Cutting a branch at the wrong angle, for example, can result in a nub that does not properly seal the tree off from outside hazards. Your tree relies on a tough exterior to protect from diseases and rot, and improper trimming techniques are often the easiest way for problems to develop!

Limb removal can be a tricky process that leaves little room for error. It is important to remove extra branches for one of two reasons:

Remove dead, dying, diseased limbs. Wood that is in obvious disrepair should be removed to free up your tree to focus on healthier shoots and regrowth.
Remove excess branches. Limbs that are too dense in nature or are in competition with one another can create concerns for or property. Tree trimming services can help to minimize risks.

Sunshine Considerations

Where your tree is located on the property can also be a big consideration when developing a care plan. Heavy levels of sunshine, for example, can lead to large temperature fluctuations, increasing the chances of freezing and cracking within your tree’s trunk. In addition, you’ll want to be sure to optimize any shade available for sun protection. Trees that spend a lot of time in the shade may better benefit from more intensive trimming.

If you are planning on DIY tree pruning this season, be sure to plan ahead to create the best outcome for your property. Homeowners in Montgomery County seeking tree services from experienced and proven professionals can reach out to our certified arborists for help instead. Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to serve Adamstown and beyond, delivering personalized solutions that provide long-term advantages. Contact us today for a quote!