As the colder season falls upon us, many homeowners are looking forward to downtime afforded by minimal lawn care. As long as the proper procedures were followed for winterizing your lawn, all should remain relatively well until the springtime comes. When it does, simple maintenance measures such as tree pruning should be done to ensure the best outcome for both you and your trees. Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to be your go-to team of certified arborists in Maryland that work hard to keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful for years to come. If you’re in need of Montgomery County’s tree service experts, we’re here and ready to help any time of day!

Tree pruning is one practice that promotes healthier, happier trees that are as vibrant as they are colorful. It can be hard to tell when tree trimming services are needed, which is why today’s blog will focus on the signs that tell you when tree pruning is needed. If you’re in need of annual maintenance, emergency tree removals, or anything in between, be sure to reach out to our tree experts for an appointment!

Serious Cracking

Deep cracks that appear in your bark can be a sure sign that tree pruning is required. Typically, cracking is a strong indicator that a tree is either very sick or dying. Trimming the branches back will help to lessen the strain on your tree, but the flags presented by deep cracks make a call for professional tree services mandatory. If left ignored, your pruning needs can quickly turn into a call for emergency tree removal!

Broken Branches

Whether from the neighbor kids climbing too much or a heavy snowfall, broken branches represent a real risk factor for the trees on your property. The risks of injury rise dramatically when broken or compromised branches are left where they fell. Broken branches can be hazardous to your tree as well, as exposed injuries from broken branches can raise the risks of infection. The Patrick Musser team recommends immediate tree trimming services if you have dangerously broken branches.

Branch Crossovers

If left uncared for, the branches on your tree can begin to cross over one another. While seemingly safe at first, the friction of bark rubbing against bark can result in bare surfaces, creating further dangers for the health of your tree. Without protective bark, your branches will begin to break down and decay. Once this occurs, the structural integrity and the overall health against illness will be compromised.

Your trees can thrive when healthy, but a myriad of possible health concerns may necessitate the need for professional tree pruning. Next time, we’ll continue with this topic by discussing a few more signs that it is time for tree trimming services.

Keeping the plants on your property in good condition will yield years of benefits for you and the environment. Unfortunately, sickness and environmental dangers can work in tandem to create a hostile environment for your trees. When this happens, be sure to reach out to the Patrick Musser team. We are proud to be Montgomery County’s tree service experts, specializing in a wide range of tasks to keep you and your property safe. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!