As the holiday season approaches, most Maryland residents are focusing on family gatherings and spreading the cheer. Most homeowners are leaning on the concept that their yards are dried up and in hibernation for the winter. While you may think that professional tree services are best reserved for the springtime, Patrick Musser Tree Service begs to differ! Our team of certified arborists can work with you to develop a tree care plan that helps to promote optimal growth, creating more value and enjoyment for your property. We are also available 24/7 for emergency tree removal services. As Montgomery County’s tree service experts, we strive to provide top-notch solutions for every household.

Our tree trimming services are here to keep your plants strong and healthy for the long haul. Today, we’ll continue to look at signs that is time for professional tree pruning. When done, be sure to contact our tree care professionals to schedule your inspection!

Unruly Branches

When left unpruned, your tree’s branches can begin to run wild, reaching out for structures, telephone lines, and more. Wandering branches tend to extend outward instead of upward, growing quickly in the process. If left unchecked, your tree and home can be at risk for serious damages, ranging from power outages to fire dangers.

Density Problems

If your tree is simply too dense, it may be time to consider trimming services. When left untouched, branches can begin to grow en masse, creating a thick blanket of foliage that can easily create some safety concerns. If you look up and cannot see the sun through your branches, be sure to speak with your local tree trimming company for assistance. Dense branches can be more susceptible to wind and snow damages, as the thicker area can create serious wind stops. Between the risk of breaking during a windy storm and the dangers of having an overburdened branch collapse onto you, it is easy to see why we suggest tree trimming services for dense branches.

Broken Leader Branches

Your tree’s growth relies on one or more lead branches that guide the structure upward. When left unpruned, more leader branches can come forward to compete for the dominant spot, creating growth concerns for the future of your tree. When one is designated to thrive, your tree can grow in a supportive, linear manner.

Structural Issues

Stemming from leader branch woes is the issue of having a tree that is simply unsound. Trees that do not receive regular trimming services can begin to grow in a structurally unsound manner, creating a risk for your home and its inhabitants. Trees that do not grow properly may not be able to support their own weight in inclement conditions. Improper weight distributions can lead to immediate failures, making it necessary to call for tree removal services. Our arborists can work with you to develop a care plan that provides the strongest, healthiest trees for your property.

Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to be your source for quality tree care in Maryland. As Montgomery County’s tree service experts, we have the tools and experience needed to offer quality solutions for your property’s needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for your lawn!