tree-stumpWhen your yard looks like it’s in need of professional tree services, we can help! Patrick Musser Tree Service has been providing professional stump removal and tree trimming in Maryland for years. We are your Top Rated Local ® Montgomery County tree service providers and are eager to exceed your high expectations.

When it comes time to rip out that stump that has plagued your yard, we have the tools and know-how to get the job done. However, today’s trends are centered around repurposing and beautifying useless items into innovative products. The term do-it-yourself has a new meaning with creative DIY projects that can turn old, discarded tree stumps into beautiful commodities. Today, we’ll look at general steps that crafty citizens can use to create their own masterpieces!

  1. Preparation. We recommend that you give your selected trunk ample time to dry. We know you want to get right into the fabrication, but waiting will help make the process cleaner and bark removal much easier. You’ll also want the right equipment, which varies based on the specific project and user preference. Generally, you’ll need:

      1. An electric sander (preferred over manual sanding!)
      2. Sandpaper (all levels of grits)
      3. Chisels and hammer
      4. Brushes (for primer, paint, or urethane based on preference)
      5. Saw (handheld or reciprocating saw works)
      6. Tack cloth (recommended for cleaning)
      7. Vacuum
  2. Bark removal. Using the chisel and hammer, work around the stump to start scaling off all of the bark. If this isn’t completely done, the bark will create an uneven surface, equating to messy floors and an unsealed surface. Work to remove all of the bark and any sap that may be present. Being meticulous here will save you from headaches later.
  3. Smooth it out. Once the surfaces are free of bark, we recommend cutting off any branches and leveling the exposed surfaces. Whether you need to quickly sand down a high spot or saw off the entire face, it’s important to have a smooth, even surface. Putting in the effort to make your stump plane will pay off in full once the project is complete.
  4. Make it smoother. Once the stump has been prepped, it is time to refine. Starting with a coarse sandpaper, give the log a full inspection to sand off any spots that were missed by the chisel. Do this until the stump is in a generally smooth state.
  5. Make it finer. Utilizing a medium grit sandpaper, work to smooth out the edges of the entire stump, sloping the sharp angles. Being fastidious is very beneficial at this stage! Make sure to sand the entire stump, removing any rough textures and irregularities. Your project should start to look promising at this juncture.

DIY projects can be functional, fun, and money-saving. The act of discarding useless items has been replaced by the art of fashioning those items into useful components. We love to live in a hands-on manner and are always looking for useful new skills. Patrick Musser Tree Service is your answer for Montgomery County’s tree service needs. We offer top-quality services like tree pruning and emergency tree removal. Our professionals can perform stump grinding and removal services. If you’re in need of a certified arborist, don’t hesitate to contact us today!