As the winter season fastly approaches, most people are scrambling to prepare their homes and lawns for the cold weather. Falling leaves and shorter days will begin a drastic change for many trees, delivering a unique time for you as the homeowner to take action for their long-term health. Patrick Musser Tree Service is here to help your trees thrive. Our certified arborists are proud to be Montgomery County’s tree service experts, delivering professional results that are coupled with quality each and every time. With unbeatable techniques and technology, we’re able to provide any and every service your property needs.

Wintertime is ideal for many of our professional tree services. Today, we’ll look at a few of these tasks, as well as their benefits for your yard come springtime.


With the leaves gone, your tree trimming experts will be able to observe your trees and make an appropriate pruning plan. This is done to:

  • Enhance aesthetics. Proper growth and strength for terminal branches are essential, and our pruning will be done to provide the most pleasing outcome. Your trees will look great once the growing season arrives!
  • Promote health. Dead or weakened branches can sap the health of your plant. Pruning away unhealthy areas will free your tree up to focus on growing happy, healthy branches.
  • Improve safety. Winter storms are often at fault for bringing down branches. The extra weight of snow can create a major hazard for the general public. From power lines to vehicles, your property can become once safer after our comprehensive tree trimming service.


Mulch works to retain soil moisture while insulating the temperature against cold winter conditions. This will help to enhance water and nutrient uptake, as well as protect the roots from freezing. Mulch also helps to improve the surrounding soil while providing aesthetic qualities for your home.

Tree Removals

Trees that are critically unhealthy on their own can be removed during the wintertime. The bare trees give our arborists the perfect chance to do a full inspection, looking for structural and health concerns. If tree removal is needed, our equipment can often travel better on the frozen soil without inflicting damage to your property. The end result will be a smooth operation and a way to prevent emergency tree removal calls in the future. Wintertime is also helpful for completing an intensive inspection, looking closely at trees and shrubs to ensure that no damage has been incurred in the past year.

The Patrick Musser team is here to provide the expert care and advice to keep your trees happy and healthy for a long time. By using the best equipment and training procedures, our certified arborists are able to supply Montgomery County with tree services that are as productive and they are consistent. From professional lot clearing to stump grinding and more, we can work to enhance your property while protecting against infections and falling dangers. We also offer 24/7 emergency tree services to keep Maryland residents safe at any hour. Contact us today to see what we can do for your tree this winter!