Is Tree Pruning Really Worth It?

If they are healthy, safe, and well taken care of, trees can add a lot to your property in terms of both value and aesthetics. However, if your trees aren’t properly maintained, they become unsafe and unhealthy, adding an enormous amount of liability and danger to your property. In addition, poorly maintained trees lack the beauty that full, lush, and healthy trees have.

Pruning is an essential part of the tree maintenance process, and what you gain as far as lifespan, safety, and beauty certainly makes yearly pruning worth it. These are just a few of the benefits you and your property receive from hiring a professional tree service in Montgomery County to prune or trim your trees.

Safety Comes First

Trees can pose one of the largest risks to your property, mostly because they are large, heavy, have a myriad of branches, and can become weak with age. However, when a certified arborist prunes your tree, he will be able to locate and remove dead or dying branches, eliminating much of the risk associated with falling deadwood.

In addition, tree pruning performed by a trained, certified professional means you don’t have to risk yourself, your property, your house, or your tree by using unsafe or improper techniques. Instead, the job is performed with perfection and in the safest way possible.

A Healthy Tree Is a Happy Tree

Regular tree pruning provides numerous health benefits for the tree, and having the service performed by a professional will mean that it is done at the right time and in the right way in order to produce the optimal effect. These health benefits include:

  • Eliminate dead or dying branches
  • Enable the tree to allocate food to healthy branches
  • Increase sun exposure to the leaves of lower branches
  • Increase air flow and nutrient exposure
  • Increase size and quantity of crop (for fruit trees)
  • Prevents overgrowth
  • Improves overall structure by removing branches that are too wide or too weak
  • Prevent branches from competing for space

The time of year that a tree should be trimmed in order to produce the maximum benefits varies from tree to tree. Because our certified arborists are local to Montgomery County, we understand the seasons and the trees that grow here the best, so we can make sure your trees grow healthy and strong.

Because Beauty Does Matter

Even if we are speaking strictly in terms of property value, overgrown trees and shrubs will detract from your home’s curb appeal, which then diminishes your property’s value. However, tree pruning does so much more than help maintain the value of your property. Quality, professional pruning will help to improve your view, improve the growth of flowerbeds or landscaping under the tree, and make your tree look full, lush, healthy, and stunning for much longer.

Save Money

When you invest in yearly tree pruning, you are helping ensure that your trees will last much longer and will stay healthy during that time. This means you:

  • Avoid costly property repairs due to falling deadwood
  • Postpone tree removal when you tree finally does die
  • Help your home gain value

Save money and hassle while getting beautiful, healthy trees that will last for years to come, and invest in professional tree pruning today!