Trees are one of the most underrated aspects of landscaping and the natural world in general. We use them for furniture, paper, fruit, shade, and so much more, and we need them to produce the oxygen we breathe every day. Let’s show a little love in return and give something back by planting a tree or celebrating in one of these unique ways today, Maryland’s statewide Arbor Day! Our Montgomery County Tree Service will be celebrating, and we think you should, too.

For Families with Small Children

Now is the best time to teach your children about the importance of our natural resources and sustaining the environment in which we live. If they grow up respecting the world around them, they have a better chance to turn into adults who will work to sustain it. These are fun and exciting ways to get young children involved:

  • Read an age-appropriate book about trees and how important they are. Some ideas include: “The Giving Tree,” “The Great Paper Caper,” and “Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai.”
  • After reading your story, make up your own or do a craft with natural and sustainable materials.
  • Have a picnic party for the trees using recycled materials.

For Families with Older Children

Older children can be taught more about the importance of helping our environment, so think about:

  • Having them choose a park to help clean up and celebrate with a picnic afterwards.
  • Have them pick out a tree to plant and take care of, all on their own (with your supervision). See the National Arbor Day Foundation’s instructions on how to plant a tree.
  • Take them on a tree identification hike.

If you missed the Maryland State Arbor Day, you have another chance on National Arbor Day, which is April 29th this year!