If you have lots of trees in your yard, you are most likely very thankful for the shade that they provide. When the leaves are full in the summer, you can sit under the trees and stay out of the heat, and enjoy your time outdoors. However, if the branches grow too long and pose a threat to your roof, windows, or power lines, it’s best to have them pruned as soon as possible. Patrick Musser offers professional tree pruning in the Adamstown area, so if you’re beginning to see branches that are too long, call us right away.

It’s important, when a tree is pruned, to symmetrically cut the branches so that one side doesn’t become too overgrown, while the other seems bare. We’ll trim your trees properly, and cut the branches at the appropriate spot, so that new growth is still possible, but you won’t have to worry about branches and leaves falling on your roof or yard in the near future. Depending on the type of tree, we’ll inform you of what you can expect in terms of new growth, and how often the tree should be pruned.

As the summer moves along and the days get a bit shorter, it can be a good idea to schedule a tree pruning with Patrick Musser. By removing branches before fall arrives, there will be fewer leaves to rake up, and you won’t have to feel concerned about falling branches once the cold of winter blows into Maryland. Call us today at 301-674-6340 or contact us online at your convenience.