Pruning can make your trees grow tall, full, healthy, and beautiful, but the key is to make sure you are pruning them at the right time; pruning too early could expose them to fungi, pruning too late could stunt their growth. At Patrick Musser Tree Services, our certified arborists understand the best times to prune your Montgomery County trees, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure they look their very best.

The Best Time to Prune Trees

In General

As a general rule, the best time to have your trees pruned is in the late winter, after the coldest weather is done. During this time, your trees are dormant and you avoid cutting off budding branches just as they are beginning to grow. The result of late winter pruning is a tree that bursts to life when spring comes, as it no longer has to push through dead outer branches, and is free to grow.

We are now in the midst of tree pruning season! As it begins to grow warmer and the days grow longer, your tree is beginning to wake up. Give it the tools it needs to thrive with our tree trimming service.

Flowering Trees

Trees that flower in spring require a different approach, as they begin to bud earlier and you don’t want to cut them off in the middle of that process. Because of this, spring flowering trees should be pruned after their flowers begin to fade, usually into late spring. This gives the tree the chance to keep producing flowers throughout the spring and thrive throughout the summer.

Trees You Want to Dwarf

Many times people want to dwarf trees for aesthetic reasons, to make them all the same size or to enhance their view. In addition, there are trees that need to be dwarfed for safety reasons, particularly if they are located flush against a house or structure and the property owners want to make sure they don’t have issues with falling branches damaging their roof. In these cases, it is best to prune the trees during the summer, after the spring growth period is over.

When you prune trees during the summer, you are reducing the amount of leaves and thus the amount of nutrients the trees are receiving from the sun. This nutrient reduction prevents the trees from overgrowing.

Damaged Trees/Dead Branches

For damaged trees or trimming deadwood, we usually wait until summer so we are better able to see which branches are suffering. If this process is performed too early, you may be pruning branches that are healthy but bud late.

The Worst Time to Prune Trees

The worst time to prune or trim trees is in the fall. This is because autumn is the time when fungi is most prolific, and pruning the branches opens them up to these spores, which can devastate your trees. In addition, because trees are beginning to slow their growth in the fall, the wounds caused by pruning are slow to heal, leaving the tree exposed to winter cold and moisture.

At Patrick Musser Tree Services, our dedication to you and your trees shows in everything we do, including our pruning services. Contact us today to schedule your pruning, and see how our late winter/early spring services can make your trees beautiful and full of life!