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  1. 4 Benefits of Professional Tree Stump Removal Part 2

    When getting dead or damaged trees removed from their properties, many homeowners opt not to pay the extra cost of stump removal, which is often not included with the standard tree removal service. That tree stump in the middle of your otherwise healthy lawn might seem like a harmless eyesore, but a stump can be detrimental to the curb appeal, safety, and health of your lawn. If you’re consideri…Read More

  2. 4 Benefits of Professional Tree Stump Removal Part 1

    Have you and your family been staring at the same, old tree stump in the middle of your otherwise healthy lawn for years now? Get it removed! Tree stump removal is the last step in the tree removal process, and many homeowners opt to leave the stump behind, allowing it to decay away naturally rather than pay the cost of removal. In the meantime, that tree stump isn’t doing anything for the curb …Read More

  3. Let Our Adamstown Tree Service Remove Broken, Damaged, or Dead Tree Limbs Now

    Most trees will benefit from an annual visit from our Adamstown tree service, and in general, the best time to trim your trees is in their dormant seasons--either early spring or late fall. This will allow them to come back stronger than ever in the spring. However, when it comes to damaged, broken, or dead tree limbs, the time to have them removed is right now. This is especially important to hav…Read More


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