1. Pruning Considerations With Your Maryland Tree Service Experts

    As the warm season comes into full swing, homeowners everywhere are looking outward toward their landscaping for improvements and maintenance to keep their lawns happy and healthy. If you happen to have trees on your property, you’re more than likely aware of tree trimming services and their benefits. Tree pruning is a safe and effective way to keep your tree safe from structural concerns in add…Read More

  2. Tips When Checking Your Trees After Major Winds Blow Through

    The recent onslaught of intense weather patterns such as the “bomb cyclone” that battered the East Coast in March has led to widespread damages. These storm cells brought extreme winds to Baltimore and Adamstown, wreaking havoc on many trees and weakening their structural integrity for future storms. One major concern revolves around the risks of placing heavy environmental stressors on decidu…Read More

  3. Spring Tree Care Tips From Your Maryland Tree Care Company

    While the trees on your property generally require little maintenance, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure that each tree is as happy and as healthy as possible. As a Maryland business or homeowner, it falls on you to keep your trees healthy and safe from environmental damages. Spring is quickly approaching, and with it comes the perfect opportunity for you to inspect your property …Read More

  4. Explaining Plant Hardiness Zones With Your Montgomery County Arborists

    As winter continues on, many of us across the state are bracing for more freezing weather and intense precipitation. While you are working hard to keep your family and your home warm, the trees around your property are working to stay safe and insulated in order to avoid any damages throughout the freezing season. It’s important to plan ahead and pay attention to the temperature range of the reg…Read More

  5. Avoiding Root Collar Problems With Our Montgomery County Tree Services

    Mulching your property is a great way to foster better moisture retention while offering insulation against weather changes. When a tree is not planted to the proper depth, serious issues can develop around the root collar, which is the joining point between your tree’s roots and the main stem trunk of the tree. When this occurs, professional tree services are required to rectify the problem and…Read More

  6. Signs That Indicate When It Is Time For Tree Pruning Part 2

    As the holiday season approaches, most Maryland residents are focusing on family gatherings and spreading the cheer. Most homeowners are leaning on the concept that their yards are dried up and in hibernation for the winter. While you may think that professional tree services are best reserved for the springtime, Patrick Musser Tree Service begs to differ! Our team of certified arborists can work …Read More

  7. Signs That Indicate When It Is Time For Tree Pruning Part 1

    As the colder season falls upon us, many homeowners are looking forward to downtime afforded by minimal lawn care. As long as the proper procedures were followed for winterizing your lawn, all should remain relatively well until the springtime comes. When it does, simple maintenance measures such as tree pruning should be done to ensure the best outcome for both you and your trees. Patrick Musser …Read More

  8. Winter Tree Services For Your Maryland Property

    As the winter season fastly approaches, most people are scrambling to prepare their homes and lawns for the cold weather. Falling leaves and shorter days will begin a drastic change for many trees, delivering a unique time for you as the homeowner to take action for their long-term health. Patrick Musser Tree Service is here to help your trees thrive. Our certified arborists are proud to be Montgo…Read More

  9. Looking At Topping And Why It Should Be Avoided Part 2

    Many homeowners like to take care of their own tree trimming to save money. While professional tree services are recommended, especially when you aren’t 100 percent confident in your abilities, we understand the value of rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done yourself. Patrick Musser Tree Service is proud to provide Maryland clients with the best services in the industry. We want to pr…Read More

  10. Looking At Topping And Why It Should Be Avoided Part 1

    The act of topping, also known as hat-racking or tipping, is a process that aims to shorten the height of a tree by cutting down the entire top. While certified arborists have provided proof of the negatives surrounding tree topping, many Americans are still guilty of the practice. Additionally, many tree trimming experts still complete this task, whether through ignorance or laziness. It’s impo…Read More