24-Hour Emergency Tree Service — There When You Need Us

We understand when a storm hits and your trees are at stake, your mind is going in a thousand different directions as to what to do if one falls on your home. At Patrick Musser Tree Service, we provide 24-hour emergency tree removal and service, so you know we will be there when the storm hits and you need us most.

Our Emergency Tree Service

Our arborists are professionals with years of experience, and they are all dedicated to providing each client with the peace of mind and satisfaction they deserve. We know that in an emergency, you need a tree service you can really count on, one that goes above and beyond to make sure your family and your property are safe, and one that can respond quickly and effectively to almost every situation they come across.

Emergency Tree Removal

When a tree has fallen or is beginning to fall, our arborists can delicately and effectively remove it without further damaging your property. This kind of job requires expertise and experience, and each of our certified arborists can provide just that, whether you need us at three in the morning or three in the afternoon. We work quickly and with other emergency contractors (roof, siding, etc.), so you know you are getting an all-around quality and can get back to living your life sooner.

Don’t take chances with an emergency situation. Call the certified specialists at Patrick Musser Tree Service now and we’ll be there as soon as possible, rain or shine.