Where safety and service come standard.

As certified arborists, we are dedicated to giving all of the trees in our care their best chance, and an essential element to helping trees thrive is making sure they are pruned regularly. Our commitment to excellence starts with proper maintenance, and with our tree pruning and trimming services, we know that we are able to help trees safely grow tall and strong.

At Patrick Musser Tree Service, we are highly experienced, and all of our technicians are trained, not only on how to do their job well, but to do it safely in a way that benefits both our clients and their properties. In this way, our tree pruning services work to help:

  • Eliminate any unhealthy branches
  • Help bring lower branches sunlight
  • Help give the soil beneath the tree proper nutrients
  • Give the tree a proper balance and solid structure to avoid storm damages
  • Make sure the tree isn’t interfering with any nearby structure (like your home)
  • Form the tree to look great

We understand that not every tree or property is the same, and that is why we work with you on a personal level to customize our services to fit your needs and your budget. Whether you need deadwood removal, hazardous branch removal, or you are just looking to make your tree more aesthetically appealing, we have the capability, training, and experience to do it all with perfection. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting our tree professionals and getting your free quote today!