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Whether caused by a heavy spring snow or severe winds, your trees can crack under the pressure of the Adamstown weather, and falling limbs or trees can seriously damage your property, your home, and your neighbors’ property. That is why it is essential to hire a local tree service after a bad storm, to ensure that there is no further damage to your property and to assess the stability of your trees.

Our Storm Damage Tree Service

Because we are a team of certified arborists, we understand what trees need, what they can take, and what they look like when they are damaged. When we come to your home or commercial property, we will clear the area of any limbs that have fallen, while carefully assessing the risk of the branches that have broken. In addition, we will check the tree to make sure that its root system is still healthy and stable.

After this initial assessment, we will trim any broken branches or branches that pose a risk, and get your tree back to growing healthy again. As a last resort, we may suggest that the tree needs to be removed so that you have the safest property possible. In these cases, we will always take the time to explain to you why you may need emergency tree removal, and leave the decision to you.

We not only provide storm damage repair, but we are happy to be your arborist, maintaining your trees so that we can do our best to prevent storm damage each year. Contact us today for the tree service Adamstown loves.


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Patrick Musser: Licensed Tree Expert & Arborist
MD Tree Expert #977  |  ISA Certified #MA4820A
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